FUNNY FOOD ! Educational games for kids! Lesson 26 -

FUNNY FOOD ! Educational games for kids! Lesson 26

Topplay Cody
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FUNNY FOOD ! Educational games for kids! Lesson 26

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More than 20 million children around the world learn and play with Funny Food!

The Academy for Babies has combined all the most favorite games of your children into one big educational Super-project! Now, to prepare your child for school, it is enough to download only one application.

Subscribe to the world of Funny Food and learning will always be fun, interesting and exciting. With the Academy for babies, even the most restless children will want to learn.

The Academy for Babies includes 12 of the most useful and necessary topics for the comprehensive development and learning of a child:

English alphabet – quick and easy learning of all the letters of the alphabet, their writing and the first steps in reading.

Numbers, Numbers and Mathematics – numbers from 1 to 10, numbers and their writing, simple mathematics with clear and interesting examples.

Logic and thinking are the simplest tasks for completing a sequence and finding a logical connection.

Memory and attention – development and training of memory, all types of visual perception and attention to details.

Shapes and dimensions – study of all basic geometric shapes, comparison and correlation between them.

Colors – studying colors and their names, finding differences.

Puzzles – training of fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements, development of imagination, speech and outlook.

Creativity – disclosure of creative potential, formation of one’s own point of view and manifestation of individuality.

Fun games – favorite characters and fun music for useful rest and entertainment of the baby.

Favorites – the games marked and liked by your child fall into a separate category for their quick finding in the application.

“Academy for toddlers” is:

• 56 educational games in Ukrainian
• Colorful funny pictures
• Fun and bright animation
• Ukrainian voice acting
• Funny live characters
• Great musical accompaniment
• Many different educational games for toddlers
• Preschool education
• Exciting children’s games and educational tasks for the smallest
• Convenient and understandable interface
• Suitable for boys and girls
• Rapid development in a fun, easy game form
• For children from 3 to 6 years old
• Hand preparation for writing
• Unique educational method for the smallest
• Parental control
• No third-party advertising
• No Internet access

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