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Favorite Fun & Educational Games || Homeschool Collab

Project Happy Home
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Favorite Fun & Educational Games || Homeschool Collab
Check out some of our favorite family games! We’re big into

gameschooling! And don’t forget to check out Michelle’s channel, A Common Life, at
the video playlist at: –

The shop I mentioned from the homeschool convention:

✦ Who are we?
My name is Tanya, and I’m an MD-JD turned homeschooling mom of 3 kiddos, aged 7, 4, and 2. We are a eclectic, secular homeschooling family growing closer together in knowledge and in spirit. You can find videos here about homeschooling (a lot), motherhood and parenting (some), ADHD (a lot), minimalism (hopefully a lot!), homemaking (a little), and transitioning from a working mom to a SAHM/WAHM (a smidge). Thank you for subscribing and joining our homeschool journey!

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  1. What a varied and extensive game collection you have Tanya 👌 we only have Race To The Treasure. Most everything else was new to me. We love adding games into our homeschool. Math games are my personal favorite.

  2. We LOVE Dragonwood!! We do a lot of gameschooling as well! Here is a great blog with lots of game ideas: http://my-little-poppies.com/ she also has a gameschooling facebook group!

    I have never heard of snap it up! I will have to check into those! Gubs is another fun gamewright game as well 🙂

    We love tenzi! There is a deck of cards w/ various ways to game. It is a fast past game that you can play as long as you want 🙂 We really like qwixx and some good math skills!

  3. Those Zoominoes are so cute! I really like those! Those penguins look like something my boys would love. I really need to get Battleship! Thanks for the reminder. We love Sushi Go Party- we play it all the time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been building our board game collection, too! I really love the idea of incorporating gameschool more into our homeschool day (and family game night). We love many that you mentioned. I have had my eye on dragonwood in particular, glad to hear that it is a hit. We recently picked up Catan Jr and it has become very popular here. My 4 year old needs some help but even my husband and I love it. In case you didn't know there is a My Little Poppies gameschool group on facebook that is an awesome resource!

  5. Dutch Blitz is our ultimate favorite game.

    Peaceable Kingdom has the best games for children that the whole family can play. Love that.  We have a few that you mentioned.

    I like that pizza game, I am interested!!!! gonna check it out.

  6. Wow that's a lot of games!! I'm going to check some out 🙂

  7. Qwirkle looks like so much fun!! 💙

  8. We love Sleeping Queens. I will be looking into some that you showed. Thank you for sharing.

  9. of course you have a thousand games ;o) I love it… just shared the Squire game too… want to get Sum Swamp next…Game Wright is a great company….love all the ones you shared.

  10. Lots of great games, Tanya! My kids love battleship too! 😊

  11. How cool is are the Target Dollar spot games! I need to be more aware of the games outside the classics.

    Sum Swap is something I have been wanting to get as well! And now Dragonwood is now on my want list!

    I love Battleship but, I hate having the small pieces everywhere which is what tends to happen over here. 😛

  12. Now I can watch the second half! How did I not know there there was a game-of-the-year-awards! I want that Treasure Cooperative game! And I have been wanting to play Dutch Blitz. Share with us a video of you all playing! I want to see! How many more exclamation points can I use in this comment section?!!?

  13. Mia and I love chutes and ladders!

  14. wow, you have a lot of awesome games! …wait you have more… hehe not my Tanya! These all look so good. I got the penguin one at the thrift store and I need to try it out. The pizza and sushi games look like my type of games to play! thanks so much for sharing your top favs!

  15. Sum Swamp looks Awesome! I love that your games are preschool inclusive!! Thanks for sharing Tanya!!

  16. This video made me giddy haha My girls want to play Sleeping Queens every spare moment. I loved learning about some new games! I really want to get some cooperative games for us. Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to share my own hopefully soon ☺️

  17. I love the penguin game! I love this collab because this is one area, I need to be better about! Can you tell me more about Dutch Blitz. I'm looking for something to take on the plane with D. Thanks!

  18. Great video – thank you! My people are so close in age to yours (7,5,2 & 2 mo) – these are so relevant. This is a weak area for me. I don't love games, but I would like to make an effort to try more and cultivate a love or at least a pleasant tolerance 😉

  19. great video! I got lots of awesome games ideas for our wish lists 😉 thanks

  20. I picked up a couple of the games you recommended & they were a hot with my family! So went back & got more LOL. Target was having a clearance sale so I picked up everything I could find. I even gifted a few games to a friend with young children. Thanks so much for all the recommendations

  21. We bought dragonwood because of your recommendation and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. All three kids like it. my almost 4 yr old plays (with lots of help) but he even enjoys it. He loves seeing and collecting all the different cards (plus rolling that many dice is exciting right?!). Please keep the game recommendations coming~! super helpful!

  22. WE LOVE GAMES!!! Yes, cooperative games are amazing when you have children at different levels. My 3 year old can play with my 5 year old, no problem. We love Peaceable Kingdom and Gamewright. Also Haba makes some nice games that work well with different levels. We like Ravensburger games for their beautiful illustrations (Flying Carpet, Labyrinth). I also am a fan of single player games like Three Piggies and Little Red Riding Hood by Smart Games and Smart Cookies by FoxMind. Sometimes we play these together, and sometimes these are great for keeping one child occupied while I work with another.

  23. Some of these sound so awesome! My son will be 5 and i have a hard time picking games for him. I am going to look for sum swamp and dragonwood fot sure maybe even sleeping queens! Thanks!

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