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Eyewitness Virtual Reality Dinosaur Hunter: Educational Games pt 1 of 3

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First published in 1997 by the publishing group Dorling Kindersley 3D dinosaur hunter is an edutainment game where you explore a museum and included is another game that I have no frigging clue what it does because the disc is so badly scratched.
Trying to get this running is the hardest thing I have done for this channel.
Music: Eyewitness theme remix


  1. How'd you get this game to work? I've been hearing that older games do not work on modern systems anymore

  2. This is awesome I've been wanting a whole game walk through of this game for years. I used to rock out to the theme music too. Does it not kind of remind you of the movie night at the museum?

  3. Why you have different Giganotosaurus?

    p.s. i have red Giganoto, not green.

  4. Game is meant to be played 7 and up? Too bad I played the crap out of it when I was 4-5 years old.

  5. If this is an episode from season 1, why do they have the intro from season 2?

  6. Thanks for uploading this!

    I used to own this game when i was a kid, and watching this made me feel the nostalgia!

  7. Avimimus means "bird mimic", it looked like a bird, maybe that's why birds might be related to dinosaurs.

  8. Hello, can I ask how you got this working? I have the disc but it didn't install last time I checked…

  9. This bring me lots of memories, I remember watching my brother playing this when I was 4 and me scared off when the dinnosaurs appeared suddenly walking in the corridor. When they scaped from the excavation zone the rest of the game was absolutely frightening hahaha

    Nice channel, new follower from Spain!

  10. omg right in the fucking childhood. i remember this game but i never knew the name… I really emotional right now, fuck

  11. Memorys!! My dad used to play this with me when i was really little cant believe how vivid i remember this game :') Oh I miss my Dad Such a great person! :'(

  12. It’s 7+? Wow I played it way early. I remember it scared the shit out of me as a kid on multiple occasions

  13. I got a random burst to try to track down childhood nostalgia games and this was at the top of my list. I remember having nightmares about this damn game and being trapped in a museum with a Velociraptor trying to hunt me down. Heres hoping i can find the other game im looking for, itd be nice to revisit some of these.

  14. "[1058] The sound decompression software has not been installed properly."
    Anyone have the sound fixing patch? Please could you give me a working link to it?

  15. Those games were amazing, what are you talking about?

  16. Some of my oldest childhood memories 😨😨😨🥺🥺🥺

  17. Wow that was the best way for you guys for a while and you can do that by yourself but it is not the only thing you need for the name you have in

  18. Haha, just came across this.. looks so old now. I was a young designer on this project at dk multimedia in covent garden. I designed everything in the store and most of interior look and feel of the rooms/corridoors and a lot of the consoles..Great fun.the technology was new then so looked great but everything had to be compressed to ridiculous levels. Still my favourite project after all these years. I dont have it any more but still have all the sketches i did for it .
    Would be greatful if you have a screenshot of the creds list of people who worked on it.

  19. This needs game needs a remake. Such an atmospheric, emersive experience.

    Always got unnerved by the Theropods wandering around the museum.

  20. This game used to scare the absolute crap out of me as a 5 year old

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