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Educational Mario Games!

Peter Knetter
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We now venture into the bazaar world of Super Mario educational games. Where there is money to be made, you know darn well action will be taken and so we have been given this strange realm of gaming. All I can say is, I am happy we aren’t still making popular video game characters into our kid’s babysitters.


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  1. You say unsubscribe so i press button why it say subscribed

  2. hey look im tyrying to type fast kleaving errors in when im not looking.

  3. tv ma, ma is for MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. Me in 2021: Time machines?

    Me in 2067: i like this

  5. Lol I just shot my wife because she said all I do is play video games.

  6. The receptive michael kinetically admire because blade fortunately sprout through a abandoned breakfast. wistful, combative lead

  7. And they say that mario world was not kid friendly


  9. On the thumbnail, the yellow letters spell ‘RUN’ if you un-scramble them the right way.

  10. 7:58 if the toad on the left had his eyes open, and looked in the same direction…

  11. In 2019, London is the Ocean

    Sounds accurate 🤣

  12. “Jump up in the eriR”
    “Jump up in the eRroR”

  13. I know you will be a great typist one day

  14. Does anyone know what the "Nature sound" music is? I really like it

  15. I Am A Teacher: Super Mario no Sweater

  16. The Mario Head from the YTP videos is here!

  17. Fact:Some of these Mario Games weren't even made by Nintendo. They were actually made by a company called "Software Toolworks" it's kinda weird that Software Toolworks shut down in 1994

  18. Mario is missing pc is also the birth of weegee

  19. Thanks for making me wanna play this game

  20. Yeah… the early home computers didn't exactly shine with the sound quality. This is yet another example of that.

  21. The Mario head is the best I've seen in YTPs, memes, and more. If it wasn't for Mario Teaches Typing 2, we wouldn't have it.

  22. Ur maro impressions were actually pretty good

  23. These videos make me laugh so hard

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