Educational Games with Randoms - LVL 669 Phasmophobia -

Educational Games with Randoms – LVL 669 Phasmophobia

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I LOVEEEEE hopping into random lobbies and meeting friends. I love it so much. I have met so many awesome new friends and cool people this way. We have such a wonderful community with this game, glad to call myself a part of everyone here, love you guys! Hope you enjoy these educational Phasmophobia games with some random new friends!

Much love and see you during the streams!
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  1. Don't heart this comment (keep up the great work we love to see it)

  2. this game excites me because it opens the gates for team vs team co op group competitions <3

    2 teams 1 map seed, first team to find the ghost leave with out death wins!

  3. Ghost is just trying to reach the ghost busters.

  4. I love your vids! You seem like such a sweet guy ☺️ wish you the best <3

  5. The ghost really wanted to sell you guys stuff, it would not stop calling! 🤣

  6. I'll be honest, I seriously hate horror games, but I tried Phasmophobia because of how fun it looked and then I got addicted, it's fun to play and fun to watch (you), so I browsed around the horror games that exist such as 'In Silence' and stuff like that, I got introduced and addicted to a whole new Genre thanks to Phasmophobia, I seriously think the solo developer did well, and with the right updates… This could become the game of year, for me atleast

    (Edit: The reason I hate horror games is because I have an eidetic memory, more commonly known as photographic memory, therefore if I get scared the crap outta me I kinda Hallucinate it all the time, eidetic memory is cool, but not when you keep hallucinating horrifying events)

  7. Why is Insym the only youtuber I can stand to watch

  8. Perhaps another recently discovered characteristic of a mare is that it will confusingly turn on the light when you get its name wrong…

    Poor Susan Robinson got mistaken as someone else…


  10. maybe it’s because I’m not a famous youtuber/streamer but in my opinion being recognized in game sounds pretty cool to me c:

  11. does it feel empowering to teach newbies the hard learned tricks of this game?

  12. I swear your tripog salt strat looks like some kind of summoning ritual xD

  13. What would be considered a high level, just wonderin

  14. id love to see a comeback from Saryentes and hannah

  15. I love the voices of those people. Good english with a funny accent. xD

  16. ok, I didn't know that with the pictures 😮

    and can someone explain the tripod thing to me?

  17. Virgin ghost hunters:
    -doesn't say name at all.
    -goes back to van immidiately after first ghost interaction.
    -ghost orb duty!

    Chad ghost hunters:
    -doesn't leave the building unless he either dies or the case is solved.
    -watch me go in with no flashlights bro!

    Ascended ghost hunters(Insym):
    -doesn't needlesly agrivate ghosts.
    -knows which tools are good for which phases of the ghost hunting.
    -interaction? Camera's out! Smile for it! Mooney for days boiiiiis!

  18. Very educational for me as baby ghosthunter xD takes notes diligently

  19. Ghost hunters:
    looks around to make sure no one is watching before turning on the monitor and snapping a picture of it.

    shadow of the ghost that they could have taken at the side of the room, looking at the ghost hunter with confusion

  20. I love your videos. Thank you for revealing some tricks for the hunt 🙂

  21. Everytime I see the top of the UV stick i think of Amazon.

    More E's than an Amsterdam rave, btw. Insym knows 😉

  22. Do i need to put evidence into the book in a specific order ? :O

  23. Yo, A reccomendation is to change your steam name when you join randoms, It changes your phasmo name 🙂

  24. Okay, I have 2 questions.
    1. The tripod and the salt – why?

    2. You said the player can out run all ghosts except revenant? What about a Jinn when the power is on? Isn't their ability that they run faster if the power source is on? Can the player still run faster or you gotta turn the power off if it's a Jinn?

    Also, enjoying the content – oddly enough considering how scared this game makes me 😂

  25. Another odd photo: Edgefield house, left side of the entryway outside, take a pic of the garbage can. Comes up as a body.

  26. Alone ghosts are the worst with randoms. People just love to follow you everywhere in this game. Asylum can be annoying because of that too.

  27. I have a video idea, try maximally arranged games so you use everything basically, all items and objectives and just doing basicallya realistic one

  28. 34:42 that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. I love when you educate new players. One of the toughest things when playing a new game that has random lobbies is finding someone who will take the time to show you things like this. It really makes a difference to people and I'm glad you're one of the great players teaching new, and sometimes old, phasmo players. <3

  30. I need to correct u oni solo are agressive it attacked me so many times was professional aswell but its personal opinion
    Forgot to add :
    Still luv u

  31. I know you've come out with so many videos since this one, but 2 things about the crucifixes I've noticed.

    1. You can prevent a hunt with it in your hand. I was in a game with people and i was going to show them that you can end a hunt by hitting the ghost with the crucifix. I had the crucifix out and we were waiting a while with low sanity and I was wondering what was taking so long to hunt. Then I double checked to make sure I was ready. I looked at my hand and realized the crucifix was gone and not in my inventory 💀

    2. I haven't been able to end the hunt anymore even with a direct hit during a hunt. I did it once in high school when I was cornered but it's been 2 fails since then so iunno if it's been removed.

  32. that other guy removed the crux in the middle of the room. idk where the fuck he put it down. gawd

  33. I had a shade that acted like a demon on professional once

  34. I need to fine this chanting video of you made one.

  35. "people are not intelligent" I agree so much. I hate alone ghosts in random lobbies there's always some idiot who doesn't listen and stays in the room with you and when u leave telling them to talk to it they come with you and its the worrrrst

  36. Does anyone notice that he has 10 items each time without opening the shop?

  37. You should chant
    mortem ut exspiravit
    PROTERO omnis manes
    Those are in Latin btw

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