Educational Games for Kids at Home - Favorite Learning Games -

Educational Games for Kids at Home – Favorite Learning Games

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Educational games for kids can be so much fun. I’ve found some new favorites that you may want to consider for your kids. I recently attended Sweet Suite, a conference where they show all the newest games and toys coming out in this year. I had a few of my favorites sent to me so you can check them out and add them to your list for your family.

MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO (affiliate links):
Weight for It:
Pencil Nose:
Exploding Minions:
Snap Ships:
Crayola Twistable Eraseable:
5 Surprise Mini Brands:
5 Surprise Mini Toy Brands:
Beat That:

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  1. Is the Weoght for it game sturdy? It looks flimsy…

  2. OMG! I love this video, I got some good inspiration. Wow! Amazing.

  3. The Re-softables is such a great idea. Definitely going to check them out. I like the Weight for it and Triggle games also. Thanks for another great video!

  4. Goodmorning your is good i hope i have the things like what u have for may 2boys

    Watching from Philippines 💞💞💞

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