Educational Games: Crash Course Games #15 -

Educational Games: Crash Course Games #15

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Chess, Number Munchers, The Oregon Trail! Today, we’re going to talk about gaming’s role in education. Now technically all games have an educational component, because games are defined by their rules and players have to learn those rules to participate. But of course there is a subset of games designed to teach players skills useful within but but also outside game worlds. And these kinds of games have actually been around for thousands of years! So today we’re going to focus a few educational game successes, talk about how they got there, and what they have done for us in the process.

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  1. Oregon Trail was the only game we could play at school. Too bad most of the time you died. Life is hard…

  2. Would Flight Simulator be considered an educational game??

  3. What's the best educational video game series? Ace Attorney.

  4. would u like to talk about game hacker? or exploit?

  5. I remember a frog game similar to that one, but it had more categories than just math. In fact, I think it was newer than the math one. I played it at Strawberry Elementary School in the late nineties.

  6. Too bad there's no education first person shooters

  7. I remember carmen sandiego the game and the show

  8. Was it wrong to expect "Age of Empire" or "Sid Meier's Civilization" to be mentioned?

  9. I actually have played donkey kong jr 2 math and it is awesome!

  10. The educational games I played as a kid were the Dr Brain series and a half-hearted go at Apogee's Math Rescue and Word Rescue (because I was a bit too old for them when they came out).

  11. If you're trying to learn a new language, try replaying a video game in that language. That way you will have prior experience with the game's mechanics and will (hopefully) learn grammar and vocabulary of the new language.

  12. And now my 6th grade intensive math students will be playing Number Muncher on Tuesday.

  13. are racing gamers smimilar to arcade gamers

  14. This episode reminds me very much of my school days. Only thing that was missing was the opportunity to play Star Trek on the PET when I finished my maths.

  15. The point-and-click educational games by Humongous Entertainment are my childhood

  16. Oregon Trail yes, but before that there was Lemonade Stand! Curse you, rain, what am I to do with all these lemons?

  17. Why watch this episode of multiple games to play or go to school when you can just load up one of the good versions of Civilization and learn about history, math, etc.

  18. Well,too focused on educational games may also be addictive and can have bad results.I usually find some kids playing educational games for many hours and often no longer do their chores or play outside with their friends.

  19. oh my God. This episode is making me WAY more nostalgic than all of the others. I…am…a….huge…nerd.

  20. I remember playing Number Munchers. Made me want to learn math.

  21. here's the only thing that seems to be on education games… abc mouse! abcmouse ! abcmouse

  22. I've been playing a lot of Learn Japanese To Survive – Hiragana Battle (available on Steam), it's a Top-Down Retro-Style RPG much in the vain of Final Fantasy III. In the game you have to learn the Japanese Hiragana Script in order to defeat attacking "Hiragana Warriors" by correctly translating the letters into Romanji (Japanese written with the Latin alphabet) and vise versa, you also complete side quests designed to teach vocabulary and grammar rules. I can thoroughly say after having logged 15 hours so far, that I know several basic Japanese words and phrases and am able to read most Hiragana characters as Romanji and even recognize words learned during the vocabulary quests. It's very fun and addictive. I plan on the getting the sequel which teaches Katakana Script.

  23. What about Typing of the Dead?
    It teaches you how to type on keyboards while killing hoards of zombies.

  24. I remember playing Jump Start games when I was younger.

  25. The best educational game I ever played is Infinifactory, a puzzle game where you build factory assembly lines, came out not that long ago from the creator of Spacechem.

  26. Can any one give a list of educational in android.

  27. Donkey Kong Jr. Math is indeed fun.

    Please don’t tell me your going to play the actual “Mario is Missing” or “Mario’s Time Machine”, though they are some of Nintendo’s only educational games they had poor sales. Let’s also not bring up “Sonics Schoolhouse” lol

  28. I was in the Chess club and did horrible in highschool… I don't get it.

  29. ST Math is the most modern education game ever

  30. lol I just started watching the new Carmen Sandiego TV show, and was scrolling through the playlist and looked at the thumnail.

  31. I remember learning the characteristics of all the Troggles in number munchers.
    Reggie (regular) was the first one and would only move in a straight line unless it hit a safe zone changing the value of numbers it cam across.
    Helper was the second one and it acted much like Reggie except for removing all the numbers.
    Worker was the opposite of helper. Not only did it change numbers it was on but added numbers on the blak spots you already munched
    Smarty was my least favorite as it would always chase you for some time before it finally moved off the edge.
    Bashful was one that would move away if you moved towards it. However if you stayed at the edges too long it will snatch you up. This seems like the less threatening but you soon learn it will get you if you are not careful. I learn to fear the walls because of it.

  32. where in the world is

    Carmen Sandiego

  33. How did Treasure Mountain and Reading Rabbitt not even get an honorable mention?

  34. The thing with Chess and academic achivement is a case were correlation does not equal causation since, it has been proven that there is little to no skill transfer between skills (Chess makes you good at math, logic and so on). So don't feel bad if you don't play Chess or actions games or whatever, you can still do well on school or anything you want 😉 ( Sorry for bad english, it is not my native language)

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