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Educandy Tutorial – Create Customized Educational Games

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Learn how to use Educandy to create fun educational games for students or others to play. Many of the games are simple, such as the anagrams unscramble game, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc., but there’s also a crosses and naughts game, a memory game, and more. Each game helps the players to learn or review educational content that you define. ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:


  1. Thank you so much. Very very useful. You are great!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Thank you , thank so so much . I love this

  3. Muchísimas GRACIAS por tan valiosas herramientas que ofreces a tu comunidad te deseo feliz día

  4. Thank you for this extremely helpful video. Look forward to seeing your videos every week !!!

  5. Hey, I downloaded some photos off google drive and converted them to zip on my pc and then upload them to onedrive from the folder. When I uploading these photos which were taken in 2012, the photos were placed in my 2019 taken pictures on the timeline. When I tried to change the date of the photo, a mesage appeared stating I could not edit the dates. What am I doing wrong or how do I get around this bug.

  6. QUESTION: is it possible to add music to it?

  7. thank you very much ..that's completely clear.. I was in need of. thank yooooou again

  8. I've been trying to create English games for my students. Can you add sound?

  9. Thanks for he video。What other resources are available for making didactic games?

  10. Can we use pictures or videos instead of words? For example in matching or memory games.

  11. i look forward to playing this game with my students for a fun friday of games.

  12. How did you put the accents on the lettersÉ

  13. share your email. I have business inquiry

  14. Is it possible to see the right answer of an each student for evaluating their advance?

  15. i don't know the password is to type what? is it the gmail password? or the game password?

  16. Thank you very much. This is very informative ❤️

  17. This video helps me so much though i Am a kid i love to be an enginiar making games helps me alot

  18. Thank you so much. I loved your video. It was an amazing information.

  19. If you have the students complete an activity, is there a way to see the results? Basically does educandy provide reports?

  20. Great content and very helpful…wondering if there some kind of similar platform but instead of letters, it would be nice to build interactive games with characters and where kids can drag and drop content! Thank you

  21. this is really helpful. thank you so much!!

  22. Hi, thanks u so much!!
    The students must have the app or I can send them a link or something like that? Sorry im not expert:/

  23. I am using a school account. So i have to make sure it does not cost money because the school will have to pay for it so it does not cost money right?

  24. Thank you very much. This is very helpful. This video is short but the explanation is very nice.

  25. Thanks so much ❤ I have to make a game for school project and this helped 👍🏾👍🏾

  26. Can two students play the tic-tac-toe together online? Today I shared a link to two students, but they didn't see the other player playing on their screens.

  27. How can we use this during Online class ?
    For example If were using GOOGLE MEET ?
    Are we gonna just share the link on the chat box ?
    Do our students need also to register for they could access the link ?
    Do you have video if how you use it during your online class ?
    Thank you so much ?

  28. Hey! Thank you so much for the video, it was really helpful. I do not have the option to share my activities, do you know why that can be happening? Cheers 🙂

  29. This is exactly what I was looking for huge thanks !!!!

  30. Orianna Guadalupe Vallejo Hernández says:

    In the section Pair words can i attach an image instead of a word?

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