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Duck Story – Educational Games with Cute Animals | TutoTOONS Cartoons & Games for Kids

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Welcome to the world of fun educational games where kids can explore, learn, solve puzzles and play with cute little duck and animal friends!

Meet the cute little duck, explore the forest together and make new animal friends: a sweet bunny, cheerful reindeer, funny pigeon, adorable sloth and more cute creatures! The forest is full of wonders and adventures for kids. Find them all!

Sing cute songs with your animal friends near the campfire or play sports games together. Launch cute sky lanterns or watch movies under the stars. Find all the hidden secrets!

Explore all the locations and mini games for kids in the fun world of Duck Story:
繚 Forest: run, jump, solve shape tracing puzzles and train your logic and fine motor skills!
繚 Ocean: clean up the ocean from trash and save poor sea creatures!
繚 City: role play as a brave sheriff, drive a car and help the city! Solve puzzle games, learn how to recycle and help cute animals on the way!
繚 Sky: become a cool pilot, fly a cute little plane and collect colorful balloons!

Duck Story is a perfect game for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school kids! Its a great addition to kids school or academy program. The game teaches the importance of taking care of the environment, helps to improve kids fine motor skills, encourages to use logic and sparks curiosity. Play Duck Story game, learn new things and explore the world around you!

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