Construct 2 (educational games) part 1 -

Construct 2 (educational games) part 1

John Maksym
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Construct 2 (educational games) part 1

Stepping into how to make teaching based video games.

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  1. Please never end your construct 2 series because I love them and it helps me a lot. Thanks

  2. Cool. I am trying to figure out what game engine to learn so I can create some educational video games too. I want my game to be a drag and drop figures into an object. If you get it right, I want it to make a sound that it is correct. If you get it wrong, it makes a different sound and you have to try again. Would game engine would you recommend? I want something super easy. My brother says I should learn unity but that seems like a lot of work. I have all my own clipart that I would use.

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