Colours name - learn colors for children! Educational games -

Colours name – learn colors for children! Educational games

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Get your kids acquainted with colors playing our color game for toddlers with a coloring book.
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This funny kids video describes our game for kids “Colours name – learn colors” which gets toddlers 2 – 5 years old acquainted with basic colors.
“Colours name – learn colors” is one of our best educational games for kids in which your baby playfully learns eleven colors for kids and paints coloring books. Learning kids colors with the help of baby color games are perfect for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old.
Why download our kids coloring game “Colours name – learn colors”:
1) Your kid 2 – 3 years old learns 11 colors name – red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple (or violet), brown, pink, black, white and gray while playing the colors games;
2) Learning colors name for toddlers 3 – 4 years old is available in 20 languages such as English, Spanish, Russian and many others. It’s really cool that your baby can learn colors name of colors for toddlers in so many languages!
3) Playing colors games for kids 4 – 5 years old your preschooler gets acquainted with many new items and words. Learning colours games for kids broadens your baby’s horizon and enriches his or her vocabulary;

4) Our colors games “Colours name – learn colors” consist of 4 levels. The first stage is learning colors toddlers and remembering. The second and the third stages are 2 color games for children to fix the received knowledge. The fourth stage is colours games for kids to apply the knowledge of colors for babies;
5) Coloring for kids is one the most favourite occupations so we added 10 fun pictures in color games for kids. These coloring book added to the baby color games will be interesting for both little boys and girls 2 -5 ages;
6) You can download coloring for toddlers free. Paint and color games for kids free will save your family budget without compromising quality. Apps with learning colors for kids free are an excellent way to entertain and educate your baby.
Learning colors games for kids installed on a smartphone or a tablet are just must-haves for modern parents. Such learning free apps like baby color games can be recommended as:
– learning games for toddlers age 2,
– learning games for toddlers age 3,
– educational games for 4 to 5 year kids.

Thanks for choosing our educational game for toddlers “Colours name – learn colors for children”. Enjoy studying for babies with learning colors names for toddlers.

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