Cocobi Little Police! Educational game about police and dinosaurs -

Cocobi Little Police! Educational game about police and dinosaurs

Topplay Cody
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Cocobi Little Police! Educational game about police and dinosaurs

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The police station hotline is ringing!
Help the town with the Cocobi police officers, Coco and Lobi!

■ 8 Missions!
-Toy Thief: A thief robbed the toy store! Check the surveillance footage and find the thief
-Bank Robbers: There’s a bank robbery! Catch the robbers with the paint gun
-Lost Child: Help! I’m lost! Calm him down and take him home
-Speeding: Watch for fast cars in the child safety zone
-Police Car Wash: Wash the dirty police cars with soap
-Museum Thief: The thief is running away! Chase the thief in a helicopter!
-Suspicious Baggage: Identify dangerous baggages with bombs with the police dog. Arrest the bag owner!
-Find the Thief: Someone broke into the house! Look for clues and check the suspects

■ Cocobi Police Officer Job
-Become a special police officer: Traffic Police, Special Force, Forensic Officer
-Drive the police car!
-Collect stars and get a medal!

■ Rescue and Help Citizens
Catch criminals and help the citizens that are in danger! And help lost children!

■ Help! Officer Cocobi!
People are calling for help. Wear the police uniform and ride the police car!

■ There’s a thief the store! Go Cocobi officers! Recover the stolen items from the thief
-Find the Thief: Check the surveillance footage and find the hiding thief
-Arrest the Thieves: Catch the thieves that are running away!
-Prison: Handcuff the criminals and lock them up in jail

■ There’s a bank robber! Save the bank!
-Bank Robbers: The robbers are stealing money from the bank. Capture the criminals and protect the bank
-Boss: The boss is stealing money from the vault! Arrest the robber with the paint gun
-Jail: Cuff the robbers and lock them up

■ A child gets lost and comes to the police station. Help the child and send him home safely.
-Care: Take care of the crying child. Comfort the child with chocolate, dolls, chocolate milk, and more
-Find Home Address: Examine the child’s fingerprints and find his home
-Drive Home: Take the child to his home. His family is waiting for him.

■ There’s a speeding car! Stop cars that drive over the speed limit.
-Speeding Car: Check the cars’ speed with the laser speed gun
-Car Chase: A car is running away! Chase after the speeding car and avoid obstacles!
-Jail: Catch the speeding driver. Handcuff and lock the driver up in jail.

■ The police car needs a car wash. Wash the hardworking police cars.
-Car Wash: Wash away the germs on the car. Clean the car with soap and wash it away with water
-Driving Practice: Drive on the road with the clean and shiny car

■ A thief robs the museum! Catch and retrieve the stolen treasure. Chase after the thief!
-Capture the Thief: The thief is running away on the building’s rooftops! Run like a superhero and catch the thief!
-Motorcycle Chase: The thief abandons the stolen items and runs away on the motorcycle! Chasing the thief with a helicopter
-Jail: No more stealing! Handcuff and lock up the thief.

■ The police dog is a scent tracking expert. Find suspicious items at the airport.
-Bag Search: Find a suspicious-smelling bags with the police dog! Find the person with the same scent!
-Arrest Criminals: A villain is throwing suspicious objects at the airport! Avoid the dangerous exploding objects and catch the suspect!
-Jail: Arrest the villain and prevent danger

■ Suspicious suspects have been arrested. Investigate the clues at the crime scene to find the real culprit.
-Clue: Find clues of the criminal in the ransacked house. From pieces of clothing, footprints to fingerprints, clues are hidden everywhere!
-Suspect: Find the real thief wth the clues collected from the house., and take a mug shot.

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