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Busy Shapes: Sort Shapes and Colors – best educational puzzle game for younger kids (iPad demo)

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In the video we show you how to play initial levels:

00:00 Intro and basic levels (match 1 shape)
01:16 Multiple shapes and colors
02:18 Obstacles: spilled liquid (will slow you down)
04:45 Moving barriers
05:46 Move pieces that are under glass
07:18 Moving shapes
08:26 Mixed obstacles
10:52 Mixed obstacles (more difficult)
12:42 Teleportation

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About the app:

A set of puzzles for younger kids (early preschool and up). Helps learn names of basic colors and shapes as well as improve fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Match the shapes with holes by shape or/and color (depending on the play mode). Start with simple setup (one shape one hole) then progress to more complex layouts (multiple shapes/colors, shapes start to move around the screen, special devices to change shape or color to match the hole).

11 shapes and 11 colors.

4 play modes: colors only, shapes only, colors and shape and ‘focus’.

What we liked: the concept. 150 levels with increasing difficulty. Professional narration. Easy operation. Detailed progress reports. Multiple student accounts. Support for 15 languages.

Age range: 2+
Original Appysmarts Score: 89/100
Platform: iPad/iPhone and Android

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