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BEST BOARD GAMES for Toddlers | Educational Games for Kids | Family Games | The Carnahan Fam

The Carnahan Fam
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Games are a great way to engage with your child and build many foundational skills needed throughout life! We try play at least one game a day with our toddler and these are our top 5 favorites! They simple and easy enough for kids as young as 2 and enjoyable through early elementary aged kids as well! If you are looking to start your game collection for your 2-6 year old, here is definitely where to start!


We are the Carnahan Fam! We’re a young, growing family with our 2 children, Christian (2 yrs old) and Ainsleigh (1 yrs old). Quinn is attending medical school preparing to be a surgeon. I, Kaleigh, was a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 9 years before becoming a stay at home mom and also own my own children’s party decor company. Our videos focus on activities for your babies and toddlers, helping you to be organized and productive mom, lifestyles and more! We hope you find what you’re looking for here, stick around, subscribe to our channel and join our YouTube family! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Never thought I could introduce a board game to a toddler. I went by your recommendations and my 2 year old loves playing them. Very impressed how soon he understood the rules and taking turns part. Christian is an amazing smart and well behaved child. Thank you for all your videos.

  2. Love all these games, especially the first one!

  3. This is great! We were nervous about introducing a blue clues matching game to him (didn’t want him to rip the cards) but we didn’t think of laminating them!!

  4. I feel like you’re channel is my YouTube recommendations or something. The last few videos you’ve posted exactly what I’m trying to find ideas for. Winter books, winter theme…This week….I wonder what board games my kiddo would like? Carnahan here you come! Thank you for the help!!!

  5. I didn't even know of some of these games and am glad to know now! Thank you for sharing! Do you find that you get better deals on board games at any one store? I am sometimes shocked by the prices at grocery stores

  6. The orchard game looks like so much fun. I know I enjoy minion monopoly. You only have to count up to 7 and have a spinner instead of dice. The game only lasts for about 20 minutes too. Have yet to try any games just yet with my toddler but tomorrow once he wakes up will have to try uno with him.

  7. Amazing! How do you get him to understand ,cooperate and sit threw the games?

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