Android Gameplay! Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning -

Android Gameplay! Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

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This is not the official gameplay! Baldi’s Basics will be on mobile soon, by developer.
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  2. I like game Baldi. And I like you. Beacus you play

  3. It's good that now there is a normal version of Baldimore on the phone

  4. This is fanmade so it has ads and it looks old

  5. my sister's brother's booth have the same game on there phone iPads and iPods to

  6. Геннадий Тадыкин фууу says:

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  7. Wait a minute I play this game before

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  9. this is the best one to play on android since it is the first version of android since this version is almost the pc version since both are 2018

  10. and this version baldi is very slow

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  14. Baldi said correctly wrong he said correctly like this sorectly

  15. How do I get this on a modern android? It says that I can't download it on a newer device.

  16. The fact that i actually found the ACTUAL baldis basics 1.2.2 but with mobile controls (not this cheap version)

  17. Такого балди я люблю

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  19. The fact that I have this even though it’s deleted

  20. Alright so I think I saw a theory of Baldi's Basics saying that Baldi has a ruler trying to catch the students cuz its based off the olden days where teachers beated kids with rulers (only if they misbehaved) but that isnt done these days

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