An English Lesson Like No Other - What's the Icebreaking Game? -

An English Lesson Like No Other – What’s the Icebreaking Game?

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This fun icebreaking game will get your students talking and help them to get to know one another better. This game is perfect for the first English lesson. After watching this, you’ll have a great way to start your first English lesson. This game can also be used as a speaking game for improving students’ speaking skills. Not only will students be talking, but they’ll be making a snowball of friendship and play with it too! Take your chance and try out this fun icebreaking game!

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  1. Thanks a lot 🙏 your advices very important for me ! More successes in your study and learning.

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for your knowledge share❤

  3. Wow amazing.. game. I liked it n I think it is useful to play not only students but for all the youths n elders . I really appreciate ur talent 👍👍 thanks a lot

  4. Amazing 🤩 I loved it thank you Mrs Jenny

  5. Great idea. I liked a lot. Thank you dear 👍

  6. It is a really fantastic game, good to know this.thank you

  7. Thanks a million ❤Really Nice!!

  8. Awesome idea to create a friendly atmosphere in the group. Would love to have more tips ….. Thank you Jenny.😊

  9. Thanks for the idea .but our learners should attain some level of compétence such as reading and writing

  10. Thank you very much for this amazing video, it is really helpful. I will try to implement it in one of my coming lessons. Thank you 🙇

  11. Thanks Ms Jenny for sharing this.❤❤❤

  12. Awesome idea! Thank you very much!! 💙

  13. Superb! We need more such ideas to learn

  14. I like the idea but isnt a wasting and then much trush ! It could be great with using small papers in box and keep the game the way you Said . 😊

  15. Teacher please explain the train game for kids

  16. Can I use this way to explain characters of a story

  17. Thanks but my class is crowded with 45 students 😊

  18. Really it is intersting but time consuming

  19. We don't have this much time in our classes to do such activities! We have to complete the syllabus!

  20. What’s with the weird accent? is all over the place..

  21. Hi Jenny. Could you get an ice breaking tips/ideas on well-being for grade/class 8-12 pls?

  22. Also, how to make reading interesting for pupils of grade 3-4 who are in remedial classes ?
    The strength of pupils would be 2-5 in each remedial class.
    Thanks. 😊
    ❤from UAE

  23. Awesome
    Thank you very much for your help

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