ALEXA LEARNING|| Top 10 Educational Games To Play On Alexa -

ALEXA LEARNING|| Top 10 Educational Games To Play On Alexa

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“Wait Alexa can homeschool my kids?”… maybe that is a bit of a stretch but did you know there are hundreds of educational games your kids can play on Alexa that will engage their minds and teach them new things? Today I am sharing 10 of our favorite educational games that your kids will love.

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– You can get an Alexa here

10 Games

-Spelling Bee
-Kids Quiz
-1-2-3 Math
– Categories Game
– Guess the Animal
-Lemonade Stand
-20 Questions
– Mad Libs
-Highlights Story Book
– Animal Dance / Freeze Dance

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  1. I am so going to be begging Santa for an echo 😉

  2. This would be so amazing to keep children entertained while working with other children

  3. So many good ones! Lemonade stand, kid quiz, and Mario Trivia are my kids’ favorite ax we love animal workout too

  4. I don’t even have an Alexa but here I am
    Super interested in what games you can play with Alexa 😂😂😂

  5. So true! My kids love games too but I tend to turn on the tv just to keep chaos down

  6. My kids have been doing the Animal Workout and love it!! Thanks for the tip!!

  7. Dang it knew I would be left now wanting something I can’t have 😂😂😂

  8. I wonder if it would work with my hotspot

  9. Yep I’m convinced that I need to get Alexa and try it with my hotspot

  10. I don't have an Alexa, but these are pretty interesting for someone who does!

  11. Let's just say I'm not using my Alexa to its full potential

  12. I haven’t wanted an echo before but this is intriguing

  13. Oooh 123 Math sounds so fun as well as the others!! 👏🏽

  14. I had no idea that games could be played on Alexa. Wow! It's nice that Alexa can give a history and a background of different things, so that kids are being educated while playing the games.

  15. Hey thank you for sharing! Can you post links to each of these games, please?

  16. We just got our Alexa set up. How funny! We also got the echos too. But I’m so sharing these games with my kids tomorrow.

  17. The storybook one sounds really cool! We will have to try these

  18. My kids are all about this. They already started bugging Alexa.

  19. Great ideas! We have Alexa. But haven’t used it for games.

  20. We enjoy the question of the day on Alexa! Thanks for the ideas. We're going to try them!

  21. Yay so excited to try these tomorrow now that we finally have an Alexa!

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