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90s Educational Computer Games! (Obscure Childhood Media Pt. 2)

Katie of the Night
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Enjoy this list of 20 90s kids educational computer games! I think I overused the word “obscure” in the title but I’m still going to leave it. Because honestly educational = obscure in this case. Plus the fact a lot of these are forgotten/abandonware makes them obscure NOW, even if they weren’t THEN. I know I rambled on a little bit just just let me have this. I needed to get this out. This channel has been a surprisingly helpful outlet for sentimentality and nostalgia over the years. It’s been great for just releasing memories I’ve stored and feared losing for all this time.

0:00​ Intro
1:36​ 1. Math Blaster
1:54​ 2. Jump Start
2:27 3. House Games
2:57 4. Zoopolis
3:36 5. Bodyland
4:38 6. Amazing Writing Machine
5:05 7. Fine Artist
5:51 8. Storywriter
6:39 9. Gorillas
7:03 10. Candyland
8:00 11. Play-Doh
8:39 12. Barbie
9:19 13. Monopoly
10:11 14. Dreamland
11:53 15. Petz
13:08 16. Rockett
14:07 17. Hollywood
14:44 18. Encarta
16:02 19. Clue Finders
16:37 20. American Girl
17:22 Outro


  1. I didn't find what I was looking for but I appreciate your timestamps SO much that I'm gonna subscribe. Bless your soul. I'm on a mad search or I'd watch the whole video
    Edit: I also really respect this in your description "This channel has been a surprisingly helpful outlet for sentimentality and nostalgia over the years. It's been great for just releasing memories I've stored and feared losing for all this time."


  2. Does anyone remember a really odd set of games that had to do with literacy and rhyming? I remember in one there was a caveman, the other had like these weird aliens. The one I remember most was this egyptian themed one. Can't find anything on them anywhere

  3. i was just thinking about candyland today after looking through old games from the 90s (=

  4. Yess this was me! I never got a console so I would just play the heck out of games I would get in cereal boxes and Maccas. I was lucky enough that my stepdad had a ballen PC that I could play quake on though sometimes. There's still some CD roms I can't remember though like one where you would learn about underwater dinosaurs.

  5. I played all clue finders games. Lets date whats ur instagram

  6. when you said candyland was your favorite man i was like im not the only one

  7. Yes I remember jump start and petz I also had clue finders

  8. this pc disk game where you had dogs that could follow you around and you could go to this mountain to catch butterflies for extra points or something. It was very cartoonish and had bright distinctive colors. I think your character was a robot or something. You could work at this spa thing for dogs that was super big like a mansion but it had a robotic theme I'm not sure. It was world based so you could walk around to different parts of the map. I remember you could run up a hill to get to the butterfly mountain and you had to use special nets to catch the butterflies it was yellow or pink. I remember the company that created the game was very big at the time and had lots of other kids games with the same cartoonish style that was very unique


  10. Fine Artist was a game I never could remember the name of but I could always remember the Blue/Purple guy that was in it !!

  11. I had that EXACT edition of Encarta! Great memories! Although, I'm a little offended that you could mention it without showing/mentioning Mindmaze!

  12. HOLT EHIT I CAME LOOKING FOR ONE GAME I COULDNT REMEMBER AND NOW IM REMMEBER SO MANY OF THESE especially bailey's bookhouse etc the memories omg

  13. Anybody recall a game from the 90s to 2000 time where you make a colored background and add different shapes that can spin around or stay stationary and then add music. It's very vague and obscure but if you went to school in the northeast around this time on those colored macs you may know what I'm talking about

  14. I'm trying to find an old computer game that may have been a floppy disk game that my sister and I would play when we were little. We were born in 1993 and 1994. The game has a little girl as the main character who leads you around. Part of the game consists of you driving in a car and needing to get over a bridge, but in order to get over the bridge you have to put shapes in the right order to make the bridge. This leads you to a well that you can get all kinds of drinks from, and the one I remember is bubblegum milk (that was always the most fun one to get). I think she also had a house that was multiple levels that you needed to take an elevator down to get. From what I can remember the style was similar to Purble Place, the simplicity of it. If you have any idea what the name of this game might be please let me know. Thank you!!

  15. does anybody remember an old PC computer game that had to do with science. theres a character who is a talking testtube with blue liquid in it that's bubbling. he wears glasses and a white lab coat. where you sign in you see him walk across the screen and going down the stairs as he gives you instructions o where you type your name in

  16. I've been trying to find one itnwas about a scuba diver. Can't seem to find it.

  17. Where is that game for preschoolers where you were with an elf thing, could cook things, grow plants, make stories idk 🤷‍♀️

  18. I'm looking for a game called "easy language" that was for learning languages, the main character was some little yellow dude called "tip" or something like that.

    Anyone remember it? I can't find it anywere…

  19. YES YES YES! I have been trying to find Fine Artist for literal YEARS! They had it in my school computer lab when i was little and i always remembered the blue guy! Thank you so much!

  20. Not gonna lie when I saw Millie's math house, I remember playing it when I was in 1st or 2nd grade in the early to mid 2000s in elementary school.

  21. Great video Katie.
    Watching this, certainly had me recall some old, fun memories. Your Monopoly segment reminded me of The 90's, Monopoly Jr. I'm also surprised to find someone else, who played Dreamland. I couldnt remember its name, but seeing you talk about it, helped me to know its name again. And for that, I say thank you.😊
    And while I never played Petz 4 as a Kid (since I was to young), I remember watching my older sister play it.
    All in all, it was great to see both some old games I used to play, as well as some I never knew of.

    Also, did you ever play any of the other Edmark game titles (besides the House series)?😀

  22. I love this stuff, its the best. They were just so unique and innovative. We had the best childhood lmao

  23. Does anyone remember the ski game

  24. That storywriter program you are talking about, is it the one with a pink-red background and some words would turn into pictures?

  25. When you finish Candyland, there is a scene that lets you pick out all the candy you encountered throughout the game as a reward for your character. That part of the game has been engrained in my memory since. This video makes me so nostalgic.

  26. YEEEEEESSSS. I loved jumpstart 1st grade. I'm 33 now in 23' and I recall so many of these games. It brings back so many memories. Mine was mainly 95' onwards. I loved the Pocahontas and lion king games released in the 90s. I was also obsessed with a Crayola game, from what I can recall… ROCKET'S first day of school!!! That made me want to emulate older more mature girls so much!! I was so excited and the idea of having a school locker lol. I totally forgot about that game till now…

  27. There was this old computer game with 3 Aliens that used to sing a song that went like “ out innnnn out over underrrrr, through, besideeeeee 🎶 “ and then the elephant looking thing would come out like “ehh ehh ehh ehhhhhh ehhhhh”

    There was also another song that went like

    “If you play around with the words. You get the same ollddd sound you heard” you gotta a word !! Yeaaaaaaahhh you gotta word YOU GOT A WORD!”

    “A rhymes with B rhymes with C Rhymes with GALAXY! Remember the same words at the same times HERE WE GO!!”

    I’m typing this every year until I meet the person who knows the name of the game

  28. I've been looking for Fine Artist game name for 22 years!. You have no idea how grateful I am for your video!, literally made me cry, that game defined my whole career.
    Thank you so much!

  29. Old school games are the best. I'm trying to find one I got free with a PC back around 98. Was a creative writing/art game. Had a talking pen with long red hair. Could write and paint had a few songs when you clicked on different things. No idea what it was called but loved it.

  30. Yesssss I was thinking of Millie's Math House and couldn't think of it

  31. 2:39 This image frigging unlocked a memory buried deep in my subconscious!

  32. Yall gotta becareful of what you look up because your feed will be with filled with those kind of videos. Anyways i remember the house games. Theirs that one game with the horse in it. I cant remember what it was called.

  33. You are amazing I found exactly what I was looking for straight away, literally unlocked from nowhere one day from the depths of my memory bank! Just had to find it and boom it’s like the first couple games up there x thank you 😢

  34. I think with Storywriter, it was called Storybook Weaver, and it was awesome, especially Storybook Weaver Deluxe

  35. Omg Funschool in Dreamland was my childhood!!! I was trying to remember what it was called

  36. Thanks! Been searching my mind for the name "clue finders" for so long, only had vauge screenshots in my memory. Very happy to rediscover the games I enjoyed so much as a kid

  37. Trying to find this one game that was super cartoony and your character was sucked into like some toontown cartoon world, its not the Disney toon town or Toon Struck with Christopher Lloyd. It looked like one of those educational games or something but there was a whole bunch of random stuff you could do and funny skits and i remember being in a hotel or apartment building, wtf!!! i cant remember and i cant find it! I was so so cool! 😤……. Found it!!!!!! It’s called “Stay Tooned” holy shit that was hard to find, I can’t believe I found it!!!!

  38. I would sit for hours on fine artist as a kid!! You just brought back a loooot of memories 🙂

  39. I be playing computer games ever since 93

  40. Encarta is the reason i love trivia. I learned so much 😭

  41. I am so glad I have found the games I have been looking for!

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