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5 Super Fun Reading Games that Create Instant Engagement

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Here are some fun games for reading practice that will INSTANTLY get your kids excited about reading! These reading games are some of my favorites to use in any reading intervention or guided reading lesson. Click here to download the free reading games from my TpT store!


  1. I could not read the story because it was so small

  2. Fantastic strategies, thanks so much

  3. you are trash but sorry you need to do more in the video.

  4. It would be better if you speak instead of music

  5. Hi what is the edit retrieval password?😊

  6. How do I just get the musical words board?

  7. Great for reviewing RLA skills while working with small groups!

  8. Thanks for the video. A Wonderful ways to use it in the classroom. Keep it up!

  9. thanks for the video it so nice to have this in my class….

  10. Thanks for the resourses.

  11. Thank you so much for this videos.

  12. The instructions are a bit unclear but still helpful.

  13. How old kids can use this activity miss??

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