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25-in-1 Educational Games for Kids

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25-in-1 Educational Games for Kids includes 25 Full version of our best games.

Feature Highlights:

* 9 wooden puzzle games for a total of around 150 wooden puzzles to do on different themes like alphabet, numbers, toys, circus, animals…

* 3 memory games with 3 levels of difficulty

* 1 drawing game to learn drawing and colouring

* 1 spelling game to learn 50 basic English words

* 1 arcade game (pacman clone) with letters and numbers to collect

* 1 sound game to learn animal sounds

* 2 difference games

* 2 math games

* 2 slider puzzle games

* 1 observation game

* 1 wood block puzzle game

* 1 domino game

This game is part of our “Learning is fun” educational game collection.

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