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16 Educational Games For Your Child Start Training BJJ Today!

Marcos Tinoco BIG OSS
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On This Video i am Showing you Guys 16 Educational Games For your Child start training jiu-jitsu Today, I put some cool and important Games for your Child stay engage with jiu jitsu more and more without getting boring, this is the method that i like to use in our academy and they love it, these Educational Games is great because they are learning bjj and having Fun at the same time without knowing that they are doing jiu jitsu. and if you know how to put together these Games they will love your class Enjoy it,


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Guys make sure to check out all my instructional below
I focus on the small details of the techniques to make your JIU-JITSU better


HERE is links below for each one!
Mastering your Lasso guard

Passing the Lasso Guard

Focused ALL about submissions from Lasso Guard (THE COMPLETE LASSO System)

Powerful sweeps from Closed Guard

Powerful submissions from Closed Guard

The Half Guard Passing plan

Winning Double Knee Position by Marcos Tinoco ( Connections form the knee)

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  1. Some great ideas that I will be using in my weekly kids jiu-jitsu classes 👍

  2. This was really great to watch, thank you for sharing! I can't wait to implement these in class and see how the kids like them.

  3. Great video mate .. Going to try a few of these when training the kids tonight!

  4. You parent like I parent haha 😆 great job

  5. Great stuff brother on that one drill that’s like @9:41 I really like when you have them run in place and then when you say the number they drop in to that good stance they need and they shuffle more walking towards that thing as fast as they can just to kind of help them stay in that fighting position

  6. Parabéns pelo teabalho. Sou aqui de Portugal e estou começando andar aulas para crianças e adorei sua didática. Se possível fazer mais. Oss

  7. Really helpful! Thank you for sharing

  8. Precision- Mississippi's Premier Jiu Jitsu Academy says:

    Brilliant ideas!

  9. Great video, I do these with my kids, great fun and really good foundation work! Thanks

  10. Muito bom!!! Obrigado pelo vídeo! Eu tô usando esses games com meus alunos de 3 a 5 anos! Eles adoram!

  11. This is a great video. Thank you so much for sharing. Look forward to seeing more.

  12. Boa! me deu umas ideias para acrescentar aqui. Grande abraço!

  13. Great game and training ideas – thanks for sharing

  14. Thanks! I'll definitely use in kids class!

  15. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  16. Fantastic video! can't wait to share with kids class!

  17. Well done Lara 🤙🏾 good session 🙏🏾Oss

  18. Great video! I really like that you use the ball as a training tool for hip escapes!
    Also, Lyla is my new favorite Uke! Go girl!

  19. Great Video! Will work on these games with my son. Thank you.

  20. Excellent video. It's hard to teach BJJ to kids and keep them interested. Thank you!

  21. Wow I am definitely going to be implementing these from now on thank you so much

  22. Well done professor 👏 It's very rare to see champions working with kids. My huge respect 🙏

  23. This is amazing stuff! Thank you so much

  24. Is amazing job professor congratulations soon I hope you visit my school in texas.

  25. thank you professor, gave me some ides to add to my kids class. Oss

  26. brilhante irmão!! curti muito valeu por compartilhar, to inscrito. Oss

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