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13 Toddler Activities for Learning You Can Do At Home | 1-2 year olds

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This video shares 13 learning activities you can do with your toddler at home. With many people spending more and more time at home, I wanted to put together some ideas for activities you can do with your toddler that will foster skills like fine and gross motor skills, cognitive thinking, hand/eye coordination, receptive language, and more. These activities are great for 1 and 2-year-olds but I also included ideas for how to make these great for 3 and 4-year-olds as well!

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Tips for Playing with 1 and 2-Year-Olds
Model the Activity: Very often you’ll need to model an activity for a toddler. We can’t always just put it in front of them an expect they know what to do. Show your child the way to play with it and then offer it back.
Parallel Play – Parallel play can often help extend the length of time your little one plays. Parallel play is when you see two kids playing next to each other but not actually with each other. You can mimic that same thing by “playing” to encourage them to continue playing with whatever toy they have.
At their level tables and shelves – It’s super helpful to make your space accessible for your little one. Having toy shelves that are right at their level is ideal. It’s also great if you have a toddler-height table for them to use. It’s a little more expensive, but I also really love using a learning tower, which allows kids to stand at counter-height in the kitchen to play and do activities.

Timestamps for each activity
00:00 Intro to Toddler Learning Activites
1:46 Matching Game
2:53 Mud Pies + DIY Edible Mud Recipe
4:48 Animal Bath
5:03 Color Theory
5:47 Floor Color Match
6:01 Tunnel Ball Pass
6:48 Simon Says
7:14 Flash Cards
7:49 Doll Imitation
8:32 DIY Kinetic Sand
9:45 Water Pour
10:31 Painter’s Tape Pull
11:02 Shape Toss

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  1. The actual kinetic sand cleans up amazinglyyyyyy. I’ve had the same $10 kinetic sand since April. It’s so easy to pick up

  2. I'd bet you could probably do the same kind of memory game setup with DT items.

  3. UGH I love your videos so much! My favorite YouTuber!

  4. The whole time I watching this video I'm telling your son good job lol

  5. Ooh my goodness him trying the mud and the face he made was amazing lol

  6. This video told me that i was a horrible mom 🤣🤣 you are way more creative with play than i ever was lol! You are an amazing mom! I just adore you. (My kids are 17, 12 and 9 now so they don’t play much anymore). But i still watched this whole video 🥰

  7. I am a grandma and love having these ideas at hand for when my granddaughter gets to visit us again…we are in Canada and she is in the U.S. and turned one in April. I am so sad at the activities and milestones we have missed experiencing with her but I am thankful for face-time!

  8. Great ideas. These are many skills we work on with kids in Early Intervention.

  9. Are you planning on getting the Lovevery block set?

  10. Sadly my toddler days are over. I would have definitely used these ideas. BTW, the saying is “case in point” not case and point. I hesitated mentioning this because I thought it could be one of your world famous typos. Lol. Love your channel. Excited to see you as a mama of two!!! 💙💖

  11. Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing. I am going to do them all as I was out of ideas and needed some inspiration. Thank you

  12. My daughter is 1 as of last month and I’m so excited to do some fun learning things with her

  13. I LOVE these activities and am obsessed with your channel!!! Your family is beautiful! I’m uploading my toddler activities video today – all different than yours, and I’m excited to try yours with my kids now too! God bless you, your adorable family, and all your viewers ❤️🙏🏾😘 xoxo Fernelle

  14. I love when your create videos like this! <3

  15. Def going to try some with my son! Hes almost 19mths 🥰

  16. Don't have a toddler…. still watching.

  17. These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. If you don’t want to laminate paper for durability on the the color matching, you could use felt instead. The things you can cut out of felt are endless and it basically sticks to itself. For older kids, felt boards with story characters are amazing!!!

  18. Excellent ideas! Punching holes in paper and picking up items with kitchen tongs are also great small motor activities.

  19. I've been looking for some ideas like that to entertain my 18 month grandson who is very active and energetic and when I babysit him all he wants is to bite, wrestling, or jump

  20. I love your shower curtain with the tassles on one of your previous videos, if you remember where did you purchase it?

  21. Your son is so cute and its fun to see the dog play along as well.😊 I am going to try some of these ideas with my 28 month old grandson! Thanks!

  22. Hi from a fellow CT mama! Thank you so much for this! My daughter Kara is the same age as Miles. I’ve been in such a rut with things, so these are perfect. Kara is definitely one to still put things in her mouth, so I appreciate that you included “edible” options. 😂 I also love that they are simple and use materials that are easily found around the house.
    After watching this today, we tried the ball in the tunnel idea. She loved it! Thank you! 💕

  23. Water is the best toy! I love giving toys bubble baths with the kids I look after using gentle dish soap. A 3 year old and I found that some of her plastic play food floated and tried balancing small animals on top. Great for the "will it sink?" question. She played with the water in a cooking bowl for about an hour!

  24. Love these ideas! So helpful to have some new ideas with all the at home time these days 🙂

  25. It’s “case in point”, not “case and point”

  26. Love all these activities and ideas! My nearly 15month old daughter is 100% a little mermaid and LOVES the water it doesn't even matter how much water there is, or what the source is. She has found the cat's water fountain. . . she started out just splashing in it, but more recently she has decided she is going to drink from it too. lol I give her water throughout the day, and in 2 different styles of cups, but she wants the cats water fountain. I put the fountain up and out of reach and instead just kept a regular water bowl (cats still went there to look for the water) and my daughter found it, then proceeded to get her water squirt toy and started playing in the small bowl of water.
    Another thing she likes to do, matching game, when she wants to go on a walk she will bring me my shoes. Over time it's something she just learned I guess, mama puts on shoes and we go outside. It may be messy, but I no longer pair up my shoes side by side near the door, instead I leave them in a bit of a messy pile, and then my daughter will bring me a pair. Tonight was probably the cutest matching, she grabbed one flip flop then went back found the match, looked at it, then back over to me, then back to the shoe in front of her, before bringing it over and it just made me so proud.
    We are working on matching colours/shapes too, using a book with both of those things and then putting her sorting blocks or other toys onto the page/picture that matches. I work with what she feels like doing, if it's shapes I encourage to go that route, and not overwhelm her with too many sorting options at once.

  27. I've always enjoyed seeing Miles. He is the cutest and now he's so smart. You're a great mom.

  28. Me: has no toddler. Watches anyway. 🤣

  29. My son is turning two next week, and he would love so many of these ideas! He has a great time getting hands on and messy, so we've been doing that a lot with paint, playdough and in the kitchen.

  30. Did I miss the link for the pop up tunnel?

  31. I am so grateful for your videos and the work you put into them! This video was so timely and I really appreciate it. Such great ideas. Thank you!

  32. All of these activities are great for their development. So good they can be adapted for different ages.

  33. Seriously i thought this was about the child?

  34. 🤗Omg I just subscribed! You have amazing ideas that I will be implementing with my 2 year old. She gets Special instruction and OT and sometimes we struggle with finding out new activities for her to do. I'm excited to share these activities with her therapist and special instructor. When I watch you come up with these activities I say "Wow she must be a therapist with as much skill as she has"… Thank you so much for sharing you don't know how much you're helping parents 👍❤️

  35. Your son is so adorable! I hope my kids are as smart and cute as he is (whenever I become a parent).

  36. Can you do some for kids ages 3-5? I’ve used these for some time now. I’d love for you to do an updated one. I have a 3 and 5,as well as 10 but he’s in school a lot of the time. Love your videos!

  37. I didn’t know you made this kind of content. You’re really speaking my language now!

  38. Great video that DIY moon sand is not even close to the stuff in the store I just got a kit and it doesn’t make that kind of mess. Target had the kit with the box some toys and a little sand for 12.99 on sale.

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