🐻 Masha and the Bear 🐻 Kids Learning games for free 🐻 Teaser-1 9х18 30 0+ - freeeduapps.com

🐻 Masha and the Bear 🐻 Kids Learning games for free 🐻 Teaser-1 9х18 30 0+

Маша и Медведь Обзоры игр
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🐻 Masha and the Bear 🐻 Kids Learning games for free 🐻 Underwater fairy-tale🐻

Educational and developing children’s game with cartoon characters 📚, educational games for the little ones from 2 to 5 years old! 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣
You can download our funny new games for children and play without the Internet access for free! Every kid loves the cartoon Masha and the Bear! 🐻 👧🏼
Get ready for a great journey into a world full of wonders!

Help the heroes clean the cold lake and decorate the underwater world! 🐟
And you can do it without any tractor! 🚜
Complete tasks and get rewards that will help you decorate your blue pond and delight your heart! Earn points and get more and more new items! 🥇
You won’t find marine animals like the sea cow here, but there is a mermaid!

What is inside:
📍 various underwater animals – the goldfish, marlin fish, frog princes and princesses, etc.,
📍 you will find a sunken fairy boat,
📍️ treasure chests,
📍 you will see colorful corals,
📍️ and even the mermaid herself!

Mini-games about the underwater world from your favorite cartoon are waiting for you:

💰 Find pirate treasures Bear Misha wants to catch a good catch and get all the coins from the chests – help him not to hurt the fish and not to pull out the cat in the bag!

🤸‍♀‍ Climb over the logs across the river Guide Masha across the river without letting her fall! Click on the floating logs so that Masha could jump on them to get to the other side of the river. The Coast Patrol is watching you!

🎣Fishing with colorful fish Click on the bright bubbles to prevent the fish from swimming close – the color of the bubbles matches the color of the fish (orange, green, gray). One, two, three … Catch the fish!

🔸 Study the shapes of various objects – put in the chest the the shape that is frawn on it

🖼 Puzzles! Who doesn’t like collecting them – new levels and pictures are waiting for you!

🍔 Feed your hungry friends! The hedgehog, the sheep, the panda, the wolf, the hare, the squirrel, Misha and, of course, the pig Rosette – every animal eats their own food – cook and feed them quickly!

🍳 To eat you have to cook first! Let’s learn how to count together – vegetables and pots will help you add numbers!

🏕 Let’s set up camp! Drag the proposed items to the playing field to organize a halt!

🛶 Learn colors – each character has its own color, don’t mix them up! Help Misha to collect all the passengers and take them to their final destination!

Free educational infant games are perfect for toddlers of 3, 4, 5, 6 years old, as well as for the little ones who have not yet attended kindergarten – 2 year old! Your little ones will love it!
You can download our game absolutely free, and children will be able to play without the Internet!

An educational fairy tale is suitable for both girls and boys who love to watch cartoons, love to play and are ready for adventure!
A dynamic children’s puzzle with your kids’ favorite fairy tale characters that will help them develop the brain, attention, fine motor skills, memory, reaction, and even logic and concentration!

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